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Reasons to support charter schools

Charter schools are:
--Public schools, open to all children.
--Created & run by concerned parents & certified teachers.
--Distinguished by high levels of autonomy and accountability.
--Successfully educating almost 2,000,000 students
      in over 5,000 charter schools across the country.

42 states have charter school laws and WASHINGTON STATE is now one of them!
Although the Washington Legislature passed a charter school law in March 2004, labor unions and other charter school opponents persuaded a majority of voters to overturn the law in a referendum that was decided in the November 2004 election. As a result, bringing the CHOICE of charter public schools to WA required the passage of new legislation authorizing charter schools, either by the Legislature or, through the initiative process, by the People. This took place during the 2012 General Elections when Charter schools narrowly won approval in Washington!

USA map showing the 40 states that allow charter schools

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