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Charter Starters File Applications Despite R-55.
"Damn The Torpedos, Full Speed Ahead!"

Thursday Evening, March 18, 2004

Dear Friends,

WE DID IT!!!! Governor Locke signed the 2004 charter school bill this afternoon. It is now the "law of the land." If you are thinking about starting a charter school anytime in the next few years, go to our web site, download a copy of the law, and read it carefully, several times.

As they say in the KIPP charter schools: "Good job! Well done! Now back to work!"

Educators and community leaders now have a license to dream and create the high-quality public schools that families want and children need.

If you have dreamed of working with other motivated and talented people to create a high quality public school, this is your chance to make create the public school of your dreams.

What’s the next step?


The WASHINGTON CHARTER SCHOOL CONFERENCE will begin on Friday evening, April 16, then continue all day Saturday, with a special "boot camp" for charter starters on Sunday, April 18.

National leaders in the charter school movement will headline the event, along with grassroots people who have created successful charter schools in Idaho, Oregon and California. There will be plenty of time for you to network with these people, AND with local, like-minded educators, parents, and community leaders who, like you, want to create new, high-quality public charter schools in Washington's local communities.

For those who are considering starting a charter school in 2004 or 2005, we STRONGLY recommend you also attend the "Charter Starter Boot Camp" on Sunday, April 18. The Charter School Development Center at California State University's Institute for Education will provide the leadership for this comprehensive, all-day workshop. CSDC is the nation's leading consultant to charter starters, with a client list of more than 600 successful charter schools! The boot camp costs $150 per person, including food and materials, but it is worth every penny.

Although we are not yet ready to begin accepting registrations for the WASHINGTON CHARTER SCHOOL CONFERENCE or the Charter-Starter Boot Camp, we will notify you soon through the WA CHARTERS email update system. We will do everything we can to keep the cost of the conference as low as possible. A limited number of scholarships will be available for people who otherwise couldn't afford to attend.

Today was quite a day. THANK YOU for everything you did to bring the CHOICE of charter schools to the children, families and educators of WA! Celebrate tonight. But tomorrow, it's "back to work." We must keep working until EVERY child in our state has the choice of attending a high-quality public school!

Jim Spady, President & C.E.O,
Washington Charter School Resource Center
4426 - 2nd Avenue NE
Seattle, WA 98105-6191
Jim's office phone: 206/634-0589
Jim's cell phone: 206/949-8484
Jim's e-mail address:
Jim & Fawn's home phone: 206/275-2089

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