History of Charter Schools

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R-55 Is Losing, But Hope Is Still Alive!
Tuesday Morning, November 3, 2004 Dear Friends, With more than half the votes counted, it appears unlikely that Washington's voters will allow the modest charter school bill passed by the Legislature in March to take effect...  more [Return to Top]

Washington Charter School Movement
In November 1996, the first charter school ballot initiative in the state of Washington won the support of only 36% of voters statewide. In November 2000, another charter school ballot initiative won the approval of 48% of voters statewide... more [Return to Top]

National Charter School Movement
The charter school movement has roots in a number of other reform ideas, from alternative schools, to site-based management, magnet schools, public school choice, privatization, and community-parental empowerment. The term "charter".... more [Return to Top]

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